Association for Pedagogical and Social Assistance for Children /APSAC/ FICE-Bulgaria is a Bulgarian non-profit organization established in 2001, member of FICE-International – an International Federation of Educational Communities.

FICE-Bulgaria supports professionals, organizations and institutions to actively work towards improving the quality of life of children in Bulgaria.

FICE-Bulgaria is a membership organization and joins more than 100 professionals and organizations – non-profit organizations, social workers, students, university professors, municipalities, resource centres and schools.

FICE-Bulgaria is a proactive organization – seeking, adapting and developing methodologies for working with children and families; organizing and running training, supervising and consulting professionals.

FICE-Bulgaria runs researches and analyses on community level for programming social services, analyses of social service users’ cases and training needs.

FICE-Bulgaria is a licensed provider of social services for children and families at risk as well as a licensed professional training centre.

FICE-Bulgaria lobbies for legislative changes towards improving child welfare in Bulgaria. The organization is a member of the National Alliance for Social Responsibility, the National Council for Child Protection, Social Assistance Fund, the National Network for Children.

FICE-Bulgaria creates and supports partnership projects among Bulgarian and foreign organizations working with children and families at risk as well as projects of its member organizations.

FICE-Bulgaria publishes a free quarterly bulletin with specialized information which is disseminated among the members and state organizations.